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Welcome to Dao Qi Acupuncture and Herbs Ltd.  

We are all on different journeys through life – and Acupuncture can help with problems that can stop us reaching our goals. These problems could be:

….and many others. In order to address or ease these problems, Acupuncture works by moving Qi around the body, sometimes where it has got stuck, and sometimes nourishing Qi when it is depleted. Following a thorough assessment, needle points will be selected to restore balance to the body and mind. I am a gentle practitioner and can work at a pace to suit you. Many patients find treatment deeply relaxing, with the body’s ability to heal being enhanced in a safe and comfortable environment.

Your path to wellness starts here

If you are new to Acupuncture, try a ‘Discovery call’ to see whether we can work together to restore balance in your life. As well as Acupuncture, Cupping, Moxibustion and GuaSha are practised to achieve optimum results. 

I currently practise from my home clinic on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings.  Appointments outside these hours can be made following the initial consultation. To learn more and have a no obligation Teams Call between 4-9pm. Please complete the form on my Contact page with your time preferences and a little about your reason for getting in touch. I will get back to you within 24 hours to suggest a mutually convenient time.

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