Fiona Mayo BSc (Hons) MBAcC

A journey from reflexology to acupuncture

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Having practised Reflexology in my spare time for many years, I became interested in the healing effects of stimulating areas of the body which do not seem to be connected.  Acupuncture was a natural progression for me, but especially due to the evidence confirming the positive results found in scientific research. There are many mysteries surrounding Acupuncture in the West, and many different theories as to how it works. Seeing and experiencing the positive results of Acupuncture has committed me to the practice while appreciating the mystery.

I am also a qualified NADA practitioner, and trained in Master Tung/Dr Tan style as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Mycology. At Dao Qi Acupuncture, a number of tools can be used such as Electroacupuncture, Cupping and Moxibustion, depending on diagnosis.

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A personal commitment to menopause care

I have a particular interest in treating Menopause, being in the midst of it myself, I have felt isolated by the lack of information and guidance available for women during this phase. I also appreciate what it feels like to be getting ’nowhere’ with mainstream health and wellbeing advice, which is where the beauty of Eastern Medicine shines through, providing treatment and relief for a variety of symptoms, whether it’s a recurrent minor problem or a sudden strange symptom.

I enjoy the practice of Acupuncture as it is much more than inserting needles into points – but working in partnership to achieve a result.

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